After the digital planetarium in the Natural History Museum was closed at the beginning of 2023 after less than 10 years of operation and had to make way for other ideas of the current management, it has currently found a new home in the ZOOM Children’s Museum. With the digital planetarium, the hands-on exhibition “Welcome to the Future” offers children aged 6 to 12 the opportunity to look up into the sky and experience new perspectives. Andrea Zsutty, Director ZOOM Children’s Museum, states: “What kind of world will we and would we like to live in in the future? And how can we, instead of being discouraged by dystopias, work together creatively on utopias? In the new participatory exhibition, we playfully and joyfully confront these challenges and use artistic approaches to inspire confidence in the ability to shape our own future. By reusing the digital NHM Planetarium, a fantastic journey from earth to space and back is possible.