Centennial of the Planetarium

2023 is a very special year for the planetarium world. The planetarium will be 100 years old. In 1923, a team from the Carl Zeiss company led by Walther Bauersfeld in Jena completed the first planetarium based on optical-mechanical light projection. The IPS (International Planetarium Society) and the GDP (Gesellschaft Deutschsprachiger Planetarien e. V.), with the support of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, would like to celebrate this great event together with many planetariums.

Today, there are more than 4,000 planetariums worldwide. They are places where the universe can be experienced: Thanks to innovative planetarium technology, visitors travel deep into space and learn about our solar system and the history of our Earth. Planetariums offer much more than just a look at the stars: they broaden horizons, inspire enthusiasm for science and technology and unite science, art, culture and education in a unique way.

From 2023 to 2025, we will focus on planetariums in German-speaking countries and worldwide as part of numerous campaigns.

A 100-year Planetarium team of national and international colleagues, supported by professionals for marketing, PR and organisation, will take care of the measures during the anniversary.